Cash Management

Online banking solutions to manage your business finances from anywhere

CB&T's online and mobile banking platforms provide you the flexibility, functionality, and security that your business needs to manage your money and operate efficiently.

With multiple options to fit your unique business needs, our Cash Management offerings are a collection of services that incorporate many tools to help you manage all your commercial transactions. Features of the service automate the corporate client's connection to CB&T when conducting banking business. 

Explore our Cash Management and Cash Management Plus options below and contact our Business Relationship Specialists at (254) 753-1521 to learn more or sign up today!

  • Cash Management

    Your business pays and collects funds every day, and CB&T provides the optimal tool to manages these payments. You can use commercial payments and templates within online and mobile banking to create one-time payments and to create templates to automate routine payments like payroll, collections from customers, and payments to vendors and suppliers. 

    With Cash Management, enjoy our basic business features such as multi-user options with entitlements, internal transfers, alerts, domestic wire payments, recipient uploads, subsidiary management, ACH automation and aggregation, ACH payroll, single payments, collections, tax payments, pre-funding, and more! 

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  • Cash Management Plus

    For businesses that need a more sophisticated online banking option, explore Cash Management Plus!

    Enjoy all the features provided in our original Cash Management product, but with an advanced platform designed for more users. Cash Management Plus allows you to manage your business users' entitlements and limits yourself, and also provides added benefits such as robust reports that can be accessed at your convenience, multi-transfer and multi-wire options with advanced Routing Number Look-Up, batch wire uploads and file mapping, and so much more! 

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