Contactless Cards

Tap and Go at millions of stores.

Contactless cards offer faster checkouts and greater security at thousands of merchants! Whether you're filling the gas tank, picking up takeout, grabbing a coffee or buying groceries, you can speed through checkout with a single tap of your CB&T Debit Mastercard.

How does it work?

Watch the video or keep reading to learn more about our contactless cards.


Start tapping today with these three simple steps:

Contactless Symbol

1. Look for the contactless symbol anywhere you shop.

2. Tap your CB&T Debit Mastercard at the top of the terminal when you're ready to pay.

3. And go! Though keep in mind - CB&T doesn't require a signature at checkout for contactless transactions, but some merchants may still ask for it.

Use your contactless Debit Mastercard for:

Faster checkouts. A simple tap is all it takes at thousands of places where you already shop.

Greater security. Contactless transactions provide EMV-grade security and are uniquely encrypted, so your personal information is never transmitted to the merchant.