Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Protection Suggestions for your Business

Cyberthreats are mounting for all businesses as hackers target companies of all types with a blitz of increasingly sophisticated and destructive attacks. At CB&T, we want to help you help yourself against these cyberthreats. All firms need to shore up their digital defenses to thwart criminals, who constantly deploy new tactics. These are but a few suggestions to consider:

Work with a local IT firm:

First, we suggest that you choose a local IT company to assist you with your cybersecurity measures. There are several to choose from, and several are top-notch firms that have expertise to help you. Visit to search for IT Services in Waco. Then, go over the following suggestions on this page with the company you choose.

  • Install software updates promptly to patch any vulnerabilities. Many high-profile cyberattacks happen on outdated software or operating systems that have well-known flaws. Make sure the updates occur regularly or automatically. The local IT company can set this up for you.
  • Tighten up email protocol. Firms are being flooded with fraudulent emails that try to pry sensitive information from unsuspecting workers, so tell staff to be on guard for such phishing messages. Never open a suspicious-looking link or attachment. Train your employees and boost their cyber know-how with security training sessions. Some training services offer short interactive videos to help workers' digital decision making. This is extremely important.
  • Fortify passwords by setting up a two-step process that requires a password and a one-time PIN number to access an account. Make outside IT contractors use multi-factor authentication too. With it in use, stolen passwords cause much less harm.
  • Back up data regularly in case the info is ever destroyed or held for ransom. Web-based services such as Box, Carbonite and Backblaze offer automatic backups. This is important and could save you a lot of headache in the future.
  • Wall off parts of the network from each other so that malicious software, or malware, can reach only so far. You can also take some systems off the internet entirely. Work with the local IT company to help you set this up.
  • Inventory all web-connected devices including security cameras, smart speakers, printers, machinery, etc. Be certain they are protected from digital threats.
  • Roll-out advanced security tools to detect, block, or quarantine malware. Sellers include Cisco, CrowdStrike, FireEye, McAfee, Symantex, and Trend Micro. Pick one and use it.
  • Join a cyber info sharing and analysis organization that gives threat alerts, legal advice, and liability protection. Small businesses can join the SMB iSAO for $20 per month. It's worth the investment.

Remember, no one is invincible.

There are no "silver bullets." So, have a data breach response plan ready to limit the fallout and speed recovery. Find a guide at or call (970) 946-4258. Also, feel free to call CB&T's Contact Center at 753-1521 if you need further assistance. We're always happy to help.