Estate Planning & Settlement

Ensure your loved ones are provided for after you’re gone

You've considered your will and crafted your estate plan. Now, naming the right person or entity to fill the role of Executor of your plan is vitally important. Sometimes due to the complexity of the estate, anticipated conflict among beneficiaries, or other reasons, you may choose to name a corporate independent executor like CB&T.

Trust CB&T to handle your estate

The Wealth Management & Trust department has the experience to promptly implement will provisions including gathering, safeguarding, appraisal, valuation and investment of the estate assets.

As your corporate independent executor, we handle your estate with the utmost care and dignity and work closely with your estate attorney and tax advisor for the greatest benefit of the estate. Our department can also serve for your individual executor or trustee, assisting with the complex duties required to settle an estate.

Benefits of a Corporate Independent Executor

  • Providing for the needs of survivors in accordance with the will
  • Paying final expenses and expenses of administering the will in accordance with the will
  • Continuity, where an individual may be unavailable or unable to serve
  • Wrapping up or preserving income-producing real estate and business interests during estate administration
  • Recordkeeping and inventory preparation
  • Impartial administration for all beneficiaries
  • Handling unique assets such as collectibles or antiques
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Tax planning and return preparation

Non-deposit investment products are not FDIC insured.