Other Services

  • Check Reorder

    You are always welcome to call us at 753-1521 to reorder your checks, or you can reorder now online through our checking partner, Harland Clarke.

    Order more checks online.

  • Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards

    Gift Cards or Prepaid Cards are great for gifts or for online purchases because they reduce your exposure to identity theft since you do not have to give out your personal card numbers. You can even monitor your account online. You can even access funds at most ATMs.

    Travel Cards

    Travel cards are aptly named because you can use them like a debit card, but it’s safer because this card is not connected to your account. These cards also include EMV chip card technology that works to protect your in-store payments by protecting any personal information that is tied to the card.

    Use these cards anywhere Visa is accepted, or you can access your funds at most ATMs.

    Purchase today

    You can purchase a Visa gift card or a reloadable prepaid Visa card from a teller at any of our convenient locations. Amounts can vary from $10 to $5,000 depending on the card.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes

    CB&T customers can protect valuable documents and keepsakes against loss and theft with a safe deposit box.

    Size Pricing

    3x5 inches


    5x5 inches


    3x10 inches


    5x10 inches


    10x10 inches




    Key Deposit: $25 each. Sizes vary by location.

    Visit a CB&T location to open a safe deposit box today.

  • Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

    Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders offer maximum safety and are readily accepted. You can purchase cashier’s checks ($3 each) and money orders ($2 each) from a teller in any of our locations.

  • Wire Transfers

    When you need to transfer funds, we offer wire transfer service. Whether you are sending or receiving funds, we can be of assistance to you.

    Wire Transfer Pricing





    International Transfers



    Call 753-1521 or visit one of our convenient locations to inquire about our Wire Transfer service.