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Bill Pay

Put away the check book - paying your bills online is simple!

Simplify your life with Bill Pay

Stop writing checks, buying stamps, forgetting due dates, and keeping track of different passwords for every company website. Our Bill Pay service allows you to pay all your bills directly from your checking account within your online or mobile banking platform. The service allows you to pay anyone in the U.S. that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. You can even schedule payments in advance and set up recurring payments.

How does Bill Pay Work?

Bill Pay works to automatically pay your bills for you! You only need to provide information about the payee, and then input how much and when the payment should be made. Bill Pay will then send the payment electronically whenever possible. If the person or company being paid can't accept electronic payments, a check is then printed and mailed to them. 

Ready to get started?

Once you've logged into your Mobile Community account from any device, select "Bill Pay" from the main navigation menu, and then "Full Bill Pay". You will then be asked to verify your information, and then click "enroll." You will receive an email within one business day to confirm your enrollment, and then you'll be ready to get started!

To use Bill Pay, you will need to be enrolled in the Mobile Community online banking. Click here to enroll now! 

Learn more about Bill Pay with these FAQs:

  • How do I set up a payment?

    Visit the "Payment Center" inside "Full Bill Pay" to view a list of companies and people you have set up to pay. Enter an amount and the date you want the processing to begin. The date when the company or person receives the payment appears in the "Deliver by" field. You can also view and select the date from the calendar.

  • Who can I pay using Bill Pay?

    You can pay anyone in the United States - companies, friends and family members, and service providers. 

    We don't recommend using Bill Pay to make state and federal tax payments or court-ordered payments. 

  • How do I sign up for EBills?

    eBills allows some of your bills to be delivered right into Bill Pay, saving you a trip to the mailbox or another website to view your bills. When you add a company that offers eBills, you can enter the required info to request eBills, and Bill Pay will send your request to that company. To add an eBill for a company you're already paying, look for the eBill options in the "Payment Center."

    In most cases, you can set up AutoPay for an eBill to schedule payments based on the amount due and the due date on your bill. You'll have different options to set the amount and date for your payment based on the bill info.

  • What is Auto Pay?

    Auto Pay is a means to set up repeating payments in Bill Pay. You can set up Auto Pay for any payee that you pay regularly. See below for some quick facts regarding Auto Pay:

    • You can set up and manage Auto Pay and reminders from the Payment Center
    • You can set up payments to be made based on a schedule that you set
    • You can set up some eBills to be paid automatically according to the options that you set
    • You can change to stop Auto Pay at any time

Need help with Bill Pay?

Call our Contact Center today at 254-753-1521. We're always happy to assist you with the Mobile Community!