• Save with Every Purchase

    Spend & Save rounds up every CB&T debit card purchase so you can save automatically!

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  • Trust Us to Preserve Your Legacy

    Trust our financial advisors to help you establish a plan for future generations.

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  • Bank Anywhere, On Any Device

    Explore our online banking options in the Mobile Community.

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  • What is a credit score?

    What is a FICO score and what does it mean for you? 

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Mobile Banking

Deposit checks, control your debit card and more. Explore our mobile solutions.

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Loan Center

Looking for the right loan for your goals? Begin the process online now!

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Trust Services

From trusts and estates, to retirement planning and senior care services - let us assist you.

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About Us

Community Bank & Trust opened our doors on May 14, 1952 on the corner of 18th Street and Washington Avenue in Waco. Today, we are at the same location (plus a few new locations!), with the same name, the same local ownership, and the same commitment of personal service.

CB&T founders envisioned a new kind of convenience in banking. They made their vision a reality through friendly, innovative lending practices that are still in practice today.

We invite you to explore our products and services and experience for yourself what makes CB&T the “Most Loved” bank in our community.


Few people understand the impact a good credit score can have on their life.

Are you making progress toward your financial goals? Are your finances in order? Are you prepared for a financial emergency?

We encourage you to consider these tips to stay safe at the ATM.                                           

We can learn about the power of compounding savings from the inventor of the chessboard.

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