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How Can We Help You?

Our Vision

A bank founded on convenience, made successful through the relationships we have built and continue to build along the way.

Serving Beyond Expectations

By making this statement, we are making a pledge to customers that our core purpose is to provide quality financial services with excellence and professionalism to Central Texans.

Commitment to Serving You

Community Bank & Trust was founded in 1952 as a customer-oriented, convenient bank with a concentration on the needs of small businesses and consumers.

We opened our doors on May 14, 1952 on the corner of 18th Street and Washington Avenue in Waco. Today, we are at the same location (plus a few others), with the same name, the same local ownership and the same commitment of personal service to our customers. 


Relationship Banking

A lot has changed in 70 years since we opened our doors, and while we see signs of positive change all around us, what has not changed is our fundamental approach to doing business. This approach has always been to understand our customers' needs and help them reach their goals through convenient, customer-oriented banking. 

In an age when success is often determined by a bank's size or the number of branches, we measure success by the many relationships we've built over the years.

Our founders envisioned a new kind of convenience in banking. They made their vision a reality through friendly, innovative practices that are still in place at Community Bank & Trust today.


We're Still Community

As Waco’s oldest locally owned, independent bank, when we state “We’re Still Community,” we are confirming the stability of our name, management, and ownership. Banking has changed over the years, with a greater emphasis placed on providing the most advanced technological banking products, but our commitment to our customers has steadfastly remained the same.