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Our History

Serving Central Texans with all their banking needs since 1952.

In 1952, Waco was booming with post-World War II growth and development. Strong population growth and business activity spurred new efforts to improve Waco's quality of life.

The downtown business district remained the center of all activities, but Waco was expanding. Recognizing that the increasing city congestion was inconvenient for average customers trying to reach downtown, President Walter G. Lacy Jr. of Citizens National Bank believed that a consumer-oriented bank outside the crowded downtown area would be both popular and profitable. 

On May 14, 1952, Community State Bank opened its doors on the corner of 18th Street and Washington Avenue, just outside of Waco's city center.

Since 1952, Community Bank & Trust has been a leader, not only in Waco's banking circles, but also in Waco's growth and progress.

Helping Our Community Since Inception

Just as CB&T was celebrating its one-year anniversary, disaster struck Waco. On May 11, 1953, a killer tornado struck downtown Waco.

CB&T was there when disaster turned to recovery. Most of Waco was left without electrical power or phone connections, and CB&T stepped up allowing the three downtown banks to set up shop in the lobby at 18th & Washington Ave. 

Community Bank founders receive the original bank charter


Raymond Ford Jr. and Joe Craven receive the original State Bank Charter, granting them permission to open Community State Bank.

original Community Bank and Trust lobby


Community State Bank's modern interior at the original 18th & Washington location was considered trend-setting at its 1952 opening.

original Community Bank and Trust motor bank


Three motor bank kiosks were built along Austin Avenue to add even more convenience for banking customers.

Community Bank and Trust location expansion


As the Bank grew, the original location was expanded to accommodate additional staff that were hired to ensure a high level of service to customers.

Community Bank 1980 logo


A new look for the bank logo came in the '80s with the modernizing of the name to "Community Bank."

First computer at Community Bank and Trust in 1980s


Community Bank took another major step toward improving their capacity for more efficient service by purchasing a new computer system in 1988.

Community Bank branch at Wooded Acres


Community Bank purchased a vacant bank facility on the corner of Wooded Acres and Bosque Blvd. to open the Bank's first branch location.

Original trust department building


The Trust Department was established under the leadership of Bruce Price. Originally housed inside the Wooded Acres branch, the Trust Department moved to their own facility at 1900 Washington in 1995.

New Community Bank and Trust motor bank and logo in 1990s


To applaud the success of the Trust Department, "& Trust" was added to complete the Bank's name. A new motor bank facility was also constructed at the original bank location.

Online banking was first introduced to the bank in 2000


Online banking was first made available as "Option Online" to Community Bank & Trust customers at the turn of the new century.

Community Bank and Trust opens a new Chapel Road branch


A new branch was opened at 8820 Chapel Road as Community Bank & Trust expanded its presence into the growing Woodway/Hewitt area.

wealth management & trust building


A new facility was renovated to house the growing Wealth Management & Trust department at 1711 Lake Success Drive. The building's grand opening coincided with Community Bank & Trust's 65th anniversary.


On May 21, 2022 Community Bank & Trust commemorated 70 years with a celebration where it all began at 18th & Washington.

Times have changed in 70 years. New locations, new products, new technology, new regulations and new employees - all have been a part of our 70 year history. But the consistency of bank management, bank ownership, bank name and commitment to sound banking principals has helped us to manage and minimize these many changes.

Things will continue to change, but Community Bank & Trust's commitment to quality personal service and local ownership will stay the same for years to come. We look forward to serving you for the next 70 years and beyond.