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A CD with CB&T is a safe and predictable way to grow your assets.

Make your savings work for you

Our CDs offer competitive rates for a secure and guaranteed return on your money. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a relatively low-risk investment opportunity to save for the future. 

What is a CD?

A CD (Certificate of Deposit), sometimes referred to as a time deposit, is a type of account that cannot be withdrawn before a set date, but which offers higher rates of interest than just a regular savings account. Interest on our CDs are compounded and credited monthly.

Your minimum investment on a regular CD is $500.00, and we offer terms from 32 days to five years.

A Flexible Investment

Our Flex-Invest CD or our College Savings CD are both convenient ways to invest. Deposits to your flex-invest CD are as easy as deposits to a regular savings account, but receive a higher CD interest rate.

Other features of a CB&T CD:

  • Any CB&T teller can make these deposits for you, or you can set up automatic transfers from a checking or savings account directly into a Flex-Invest CD.
  • Open this account with a $200 minimum deposit and you will earn our current one-year Flex-Invest CD interest rate. This CD could be used for many purposes, including for your child's educational savings.
  • Multiple deposits that are made into this account will mature on the same date as the original deposit. All deposits will then merge into a new single deposit at the time the CD automatically renews.

Ready to Open?

If you’re ready to start saving now, you can get started online today through our online account opening portal!