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Working Capital

Keep your business moving forward with flexible financing options.

Financing tailored to your business

We know there are situations when an increase in capital is needed to meet seasonal or periodic demands. A working capital loan is designed for those situations where additional cash may be necessary to boost business operations, or for when additional capital will benefit your business growth.


What is a working capital loan? 

Working capital loans are often used to fund everyday business expenses like payroll, rent and operational costs and manage cash flow gaps during a business's slow season. Unlike a commercial mortgage loan you would get for business property, or a construction loan to build your physical place of business, a working capital loan is one that funds everyday expenses. This loan is a flexible option for small businesses that need cash quickly to cover immediate expenses. These types of loans are not to be treated a a long-term funding option for something like a business expansion.

What type of loan is best for your business?

We'd love to discuss your business's financial situation to determine what type of loan is best for you. Call us at 254-753-1521 or visit one of our three convenient locations to meet with a Commercial Lending Officer today.

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